Who Made That?

Design, art direction and co-authorship of the ‘Who Made That?’ weekly column,
October 2011 through May 2012. Early in 2011, The New York Times Magazine started ‘The 6th Floor’,
a blog populated by the employees of the printed publication. Editor in chief,
Hugo Lindgren, encouraged all of the departments, from art to research, to participate.
I initiated a series called ‘Who Made That’, which would encourage
those who appreciate design and art to become more familiar with the people who make
what we see on a daily basis. Starting in March, I began posting at least
once a week, covering everything from the radiation symbol to the Moka Express to the NASA logo.
Six months later, Hugo decided to turn the online series into a weekly column
in the printed magazine. I then had the help of seasoned reporter Dana Rubinstein, editors
Jonathan Kelly and Sheila Glaser, photo editor Clinton Cargill and
photographer Jens Mortensen to produce the weekly design investigation. Click on any
of the images below to read the full text, and look for a new piece every
week, now penned by Pagan Kennedy.

WMT EarmuffsWMT Highlighter

WMT Chinese Takeout ContainerWMT Matchbook

WMT Snow GlobeWMT Shopping Cart

WMT Credit Card

WMT FleeceWMT Electric Carving Knife

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