In 2009, The New York Times Magazine underwent an extensive redesign.
I served as the manager and one of the lead designers for the project. My involvement spanned the
duration of the redesign, from the selection of new typefaces to the refinement of
the entire visual language. The process lasted about six months, and was completed with Leslie Kwok,
Leo Jung, Cathy Gilmore-Barnes and Nancy Harris Rouemy, and under the
art direction of Design Director, Arem Duplessis, and Art Director, Gail Bichler.

The first, and one of the biggest steps of the redesign, was to choose new typefaces.
In order to accomodate for more text, we sought a body copy face that held the same legibility as
Garamond, but would be slightly more condensed. Lyon, designed by Kai Bernau and
Christian Schwartz
was a perfect fit. I proposed Esta, a font designed by Dino dos Santos,
for one of our new display faces, and he agreed to provide some additional weights
for our use. After some additional alterations, he decided that he had modified it enough to rename
it in our honor as Nyte. Knockout, designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, was the final
addition to the set, which provided a bolder edge. I worked directly on refining the application
of these faces for usage in the entire magazine, especially for the body
copy and for many of the weekly columns.

(Before redesign on top left, After redesign on top right)
I worked directly on a number of sections during the redesign, including the crossword puzzle.
I not only incorporated the new typefaces, but also refined the layout and created
a typographic system that would encompass all of the accompanying secondary and novelty puzzles.

(Before redesign on left, After redesign on right)
Before the redesign, Rob Walker‘s “Consumed” column, which discusses marketplace trends
and the cultural implications thereof, was accompanied by a commissioned
illustration. During the redesign, I helped develop a new visual direction for the column which
highlights the factors behind the trends discussed. Each week since then, I have
produced the ‘equation’ that runs down the center of the layout.

(Before redesign on top left, After redesign on top right)
Randy Cohen’s “Ethicist” column offers advice on readers’ moral dilemmas. After over a decade
with the same icon, we decided to refresh the look of the column with a new one.
I worked on developing what the new image could be for that page, and commissioning the
silhouette which resides there now.

(Before redesign on left, After redesign on right)
Since September 2005, the “On Language” column headline has been lettered by a different artist
every week, and we did not want to change that direction. I worked to
update the rest of the column to best support the fluctuating design of the headline.

The letters page is devoted to our readers’ feedback.
The updated design displays a prominent letter as an entry point, and also notes the article
that received the most responses.

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